Membership FAQs

What is IVY and what are the benefits of membership?

IVY is a leadership community for entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovative professionals who are passionate about making a lasting positive impact. Our members learn from leading minds, attend curated gatherings, and establish lifelong bonds. We believe everyone has limitless potential, and our mission is to accelerate human unity and progress by sparking a new renaissance.

What are the requirements to qualify for an IVY membership?

IVY members are rising and established leaders who are either A) entrepreneurs, creatives and innovative professionals or B) domain experts with Masters/Doctorate degrees. Qualitatively, IVY members have a track-record of being intellectually curious, adventurous, warm, compassionate and highly engaged individuals.

How much does IVY cost?

For qualifying applicants, the first month of IVY membership is complimentary. Following the complimentary first month, IVY members on our standard IVY Gold plan contribute $80/month, and receive unlimited monthly event credits to use towards all IVY-produced events in any of our 8 IVY chapters.

What does my complimentary first month include?

Your complimentary month gives you full access to all IVY membership benefits, including unlimited event credits that you can use to RSVP for upcoming IVY produced events in any of our 8 IVY Chapter.

When does my membership start?

Once you’ve been approved for membership, we will activate your complimentary first month. You will receive an email letting you know your complimentary first month has begun.

What happens after the complimentary first month?

After your complimentary first month, IVY Membership is $80/month, and provides unlimited IVY Event credits which you can use towards any IVY produced experience across all 8 IVY Chapters.

What are IVY Event Credits?

IVY Event credits can be used to purchase tickets to upcoming IVY experiences. You can use IVY Event Credits to RSPV to any IVY Produced experience across all IVY Chapters. Unused IVY Event Credits expire after three months.

Why do you need my credit card?

Because IVY is a members-only community, we ask for a credit card to verify the identity of each member, and give members the ability to RSVP to additional events beyond their monthly IVY Event Credits. There is no cost associated with the first month of membership, and you can downgrade any time if you're unable to continue.

Does membership auto renew?

Yes, membership auto renews every month unless cancelled.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you’re unable to take full advantage of IVY, you can put your membership on hold for $20/month for temporary digital access, or pause your membership altogether.